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PM Drink Mix

Dietary Supplement

Enriched with a balanced mix of select nutrients, the advanced formulation may help evade gastrointestinal disorders which may help restore gut health. Regular consumption as per directions in the package may help support faster digestion which may help improve the sleep cycle.

  • 1 Bottle $114.00

  • Refer to directions in the package for the proper quantity of consumption.
  • Mix it well with a glass of water. Stir constantly to blend the lumps.
  • Sip it at ease and remain full for an optimum duration!

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a healthy body not only helpsyou look better but also helps you feel better

Meal Replacement

  • May Help Keep You Full For An Optimum Duration
  • May Help Fulfill The Nutritional Requirement
  • May Help Curb Cravings & Suppress The Appetite

AM Drink Mix

  • May Help Cleanse The System, Releasing Toxic Waste
  • May Help Improve Metabolism & Resist Bloating
  • May Help Keep You Invigorated Throughout The Day


  • May Help Support Weight Management
  • May Help Restore the Natural Balance of Gut Bacteria
  • May Help Replenish and Boost Energy Quotient